Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust

Mon Sep 14 2009

Termination of Pregnancy Service (TOP)

Access to the Service

  • Referrals are received by the TOP Co-ordinator from GPs, Family Planning and the Walk In Centre
  • A date and time for an ultrasound scan is offered to the patient within seven days of referral
  • Following a scan the patient is seen by a senior nurse and options are discussed for future management, dependant on the scan findings, i.e. surgical TOP between 9-12 weeks gestation or medical TOP under 9 weeks gestation
  • To assist in decision making the services of a counsellor are available
  • A full patient assessment is undertaken at this appointment to include, clerking, blood tests and Chlamydia screening
  • The patient is asked to attend an appointment to see a Consultant to confirm the patient pathway and taken consent
  • Surgical procedures will usually be carried out in the same week at the Day Treatment Centre at Edith Cavell Hospital
  • If medical termination is the preferred option treatment will commence at the Consultant Clinic.  Patients will then be asked to return to the gynaecology ward within a few days