Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust

Mon Oct 8 2007


A purpose built endoscopy suite opened at Peterborough District Hospital in December 2001.  The new unit includes:

  • two main procedure rooms
  • a third room for carrying out Gastro-Intestinal (GI)/Lower (GI) studies etc
  • three treatment rooms
  • an eight-bedded recovery bay
  • six reclining chairs for patients who do not necessarily require a bed

The endoscopy suite receives a combination of both routine and emergency patients for all types of G.I Endoscopy plus Bronchoscopy (both diagnostic and therapeutic).  It is situated on the ground floor of Peterborough District Hospital between the tower block and the Memorial Wing.

Patient information booklets

  • What is a bronchoscopy?
  • What is an ERCP?
  • What is a gatroscopy?
  • What is a sigmoidoscopy?

Chest Physicians

Medical Physicians


Dr C HunterDr M DronfieldMr F Bajwa
Dr I MungallDr S NairMr A Choy
Dr S BrijDr M NinkovicMr Menon
 Dr T LaundyMr Wells
 Dr S Sahi 

GP/Hospital Practitioner

Unit Manager


Dr R Scott

Sister Carole Crowson (Nurse Endoscopist in upper GI Endoscopy) 

Dorren Cant 



Maria Sporton

Tina Sanderson (p/t)