Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust

Mon Sep 14 2009

Practice Development Team

The Practice Development Team will provide an effective and collaborative approach to staff and practice development Trust wide; enabling and inspiring staff to provide quality care; role model professional practice within an integrated governance framework; encourage staff to work in a patient focused manner using relevant evidence; challenge and be prepared to be challenged when values of the profession are not up held; create an environment where life long learning is embraced.

Two Trustwide Practice Development Advisors lead a team of Clinical Educators who work within the Service Units.  Also within the team are Professional Development Advisors for Therapy Services as well as representation from the Ministry of Defence Hospitals Unit.

Core Functions of the team:

  • To make local and national initiatives workable and reality (including policy development/review and implement)
  • Professional integrity and upholding values
  • Quality assurance
  • Support individuals and teams
  • To work in partnership with Higher Education Institutes to ensure Quality Assurance of student experience pre and post registration
  • New ways of working - monitoring professional boundaries.  Ensuring competence when crossed
  • Promote and facilitate reflective practice
  • Intellectual flexibility to allow critical friend relationship and critical anaylsis