Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust

Mon Sep 14 2009


The Cardiology department consist of:

  • a 12 bed Coronary Care Unit (PDH fourth floor)
  • 19 Cardiology beds (PDH, Ward 2X)
  • Cardiac Investigations department (PDH, ground floor)
  • Cardiac Angiography Suite (Edith Cavell Hospital, ground floor)

Within the Cardiology department at the District Hospital a number of test and procedures are carried out such as Echocardiography, Exercise Tolerance tests, Transoephageal Echocardiography, Temporary Pacing, Electrical Cardioversion and Respiratory function tests.  In addition, our Cardiac Angiography Suite opened at Edith Cavell Hospital in November 2005 and provides an efficient day case service for patients requiring an Angiogram.