Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals

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Sat Sep 12 2009

Colposcopy Unit

The Colposcopy unit is located in Clinic 4, Peterborough District Hospital Outpatient's department.  We have clinics on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  With a satellite clinic at Stamford Hospital on Thursdays, held by Mr Jelen, Consultant Colposcopist and Denise Quniton, Nurse Colposcopist.

The unit receives referrals via your GP or direct from the cytology lab for a variety of problems related to abnormal smears, abnormal cervix or bleeding.

The timeframe of the appointment depends on the severity of the referral.  But we aim to see urgent patients within two weeks, soon appointments within four weeks and routines within eight weeks.

For most patients colposcopy is used to assess the cervix and a biopsy may be taken.  For others who require treatment we try to perform it on your initial visit.  We also have Fortnightly Monday meetins where we discuss patient pathways in some cases.

You are very welcome to bring someone with you, and if you would like they can be present at the examination.  There is also a TV screen where you can see what we see down the microscope.

As we are a teaching unit for Colposcopy, you may find trainee colposcopists in the clinic.  They will be supervised during procedure.

The following patient information leaflets are available from the unit on request:

  • Information about Colposcopy and treatment for abnormal Cervical Smears
  • Information following a cervical biopsy (given in clinic)
  • Information following a loop excision (given in clinic)

 Staff name Job title Contact number
 Mr I Jelen Consultant Colposcopist 
 Mr B Ramsay Consultant Colposcopist 
 Mr A Sriemevan Consultant Colposcopist 
 Mr S Havenga Consultant Colposcopist 
 Denise Quinton Nurse Colposcopist 01733 875074
 Sue Keen Colposcopy Co-ordinator 01733 874521
 Sue Reynolds Colposcopy Secretary 01733 874664