Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals

NHS Foundation Trust

Mon Sep 14 2009


The following provides information about the Pharmacy Department, and the services provided for patients and the hospital as a whole. 

The department is actively involved in the provision of a wide-range of pharmaceutical services including:

  • In-patient, out-patient and take home dispensing
  • Patient medication education and counselling
  • Controlled drugs dispensing
  • Preparation of Sterile and Non-sterile products, including chemotherapy and intravenous nutrition
  • Medicines information department, with a patient helpline for advice about medicines we have dispensed from the hospital
  • Pre-packing unit
  • Clinical Trials support and management
  • Formulary development and implementation
  • Procurement and supply of drugs from the main pharmacy stores
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mental Health
  • A ward-based pharmacy service

Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacists have become involved in specialist clinical roles that reflect the increased complexity of modern medicines.  These include:

  • Provision of advice to healthcare professionals on all aspects of medicine use
  • Medication reviews for patients with complex requirements, to ensure the correct dose is provided to treat the problem
  • Patient Counselling - information and advice to patients about the safe and effective use of their medicines
  • Medicines Management - which covers the entire way that we select, prescribe, administer and review medicines to ensure that we give each patient the desired outcome and use our resources to their maximum
  • Participation in patient and healthcare professional education

The pharmacists' skills, knowledge and clinical input helps to ensure that, in co-operation with medical and nursing colleagues, the resources we have for medicines are used to their best effect.  This does not necessarily mean using the cheapest available product, but it does mean selecting safe, cost effective medicines that are best suited to a particular patient's need.