Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals

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Sat Sep 12 2009

Gynaecology Oncology

The Gynaecology Oncology Clinics are held in the Peterborough District Hospital Outpatients department on Friday and Wednesdays, with Wednesday being our main clinic.

We see a combination of new and follow up patients within this clinic.  With new patients we assess them and request further investigations that may be needed to give a clearer picture of what is happening.

We work extremely closely with the team at Addenbrookes and have weekly Tuesday meetings to discuss patient pathways.  This is because most patients requiring surgery will have to have this performed at Addenbrookes.  Any subsequent follow up appointments will be back at Peterborough.

For patients requiring radiotherapy this again will need to be performed at Addenbrookes.  Chemotherapy is given at Peterborough District Hospital.

All patient information leaflets will be given as required once a cancer diagnosis has been made.

Staff NameJob title  Contact number
Dr L T TanMedical Oncologist 
Mr I JelenSurgeon  
Denise Quinton Gynae Oncology Nurse Specialist 01733 875074
Alice SladeSecretary to Mr Jelen 01733 874313
Rosa CoiaSecretary to Dr Tan  01733 874255
Addenbrookes Team  
Mr R CrawfordSurgeon  
Mr J LatimerSurgeon  
Mr M Shafi Surgeon  
Mr P Baldwin Surgeon  
Helen Gilson Secretary  01223 216251
Melanie MorrisSecretary  01223 216251