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Mon Sep 14 2009

Complaints department

Within the Complaints department it is our responsibility to ensure all formal complaints are registered following the complaints procedure.  Once the complaints staff receive your complaint they will contact you to discuss your complaint and a agree a timeframe for answering your complaint.

Your letter will be acknowledged within three working days.  A full investigation will then take place.  We will respond to complaints within the mutually agreed timeframe. Once the investigation is complete the Chief Executive will write to you with a detailed response.

If on receipt of this response you remain dissatisfied we encourage you to contact us again so that we can either write to you again or arrange a meeting for you to discuss your concerns in person.  If the meeting fails to resolve your concerns you are at liberty to contact the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO).  They are responsible for reviewing formal complaints about the NHS.  A leaflet explaining the role of the PHSO can be obtained from the Complaints Department .
Making a formal complaint - click here to access the information leaflet

The following leaflets are available from the complaints department:

Health Ombudsman

• ICAS (Independent Complaints Advocacy Service) leaflet
• Making a formal complaint - click here here to access the information leaflet

Staff Name
Job title

Mrs Sam Wright

 Complaints Manager

Miss Lorraine Brown

 Complaints Assistant

Miss Julie Wilkins

 Complaints Assistant