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Sat Jul 21 2007

Complaints department

Within the Complaints department it is our responsibility to ensure all formal complaints are registered following the complaints procedure.  All letters have to be acknowledged within two working days and an investigation is commenced.  The complainant will receive a formal response signed by the Chief Executive Office within 20 working days.  If this deadline cannot be met then a holding letter is sent and the Trust will respond as soon as possible.  If complainants remain unhappy we can continue with a second response or a meeting and following this,k the complainant can apply to the Healthcare Commission for an independent review.  After that process the Health Ombudsman can be accessed.  As a Trust we are forward thinking and review all complaints as an opportunity to see how others see us, and this gives us the change to change our services for the better.

Making a formal complaint - click here to access the information leaflet

The following leaflets are available from the complaints department:

  • Health Ombudsman
  • Healthcare Commission
  • ICAS (Independent Complaints Advocacy Service) leaflet
  • How to make a formal complaint - click here to download this leaflet

 Staff Name
 Job title
 Mrs Sam Wright Complaints manager
 Mrs Lisa Bird Complaints assistant
 Mrs Julie Wilkins Complaints assistant