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Sat Jul 21 2007

Disability Equality Scheme

What's new about the Disability Discrimination Act 2005?
It introduced a new positive duty on health trusts as public authorities, to promote disability equality.  The ultimate goal of the new duty is to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people.
What is the 'duty'?
  • To ensure there is the same level of service for disabled and non disabled people
  • To remove the discrimination of disabled people
  • To promote positive attitudes towards disabled people 
  • To encourage disabled people to take part in our patients forums
  • To take steps as far as possible to meet disabled people's needs
  • What is our commitment?
At the heart of the duty is the need to involve disabled people in the development of our Disability Equality Scheme.  We also recognised that it will not be possible to effectively identify and prioritise the outcomes to be achieved through our scheme unless disabled people, or their representatives, have been involved in this process.  We are committed to fulfilling our duty to promote disability equality and recognise the critical contribution disabled people can make by sharing their views and experiences and by helping us to shape policy and practice and improve the way in which our services are delivered to disabled people.
Our Scheme
Our Disability Equality Scheme is available here:
PDF format
Word format
If you would like a copy of the Disability Equality Scheme in any other language or format such as Braille, audio or large print, please get in touch with:
Rachel Powell
PALS Co-ordinator
Peterborough and Stamford NHS Foundation Trust
Peterborough District Hospital
Thorpe Road
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