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Sat Aug 11 2007

Travel Options

Travel Options is a range of schemes to encourage staff, patients and visitors to use more public transport and alternative methods of transport rather than driving to the Trust's hospitals.

The scheme has won Cambridgeshire Work Place Travel Plan Awards in 2005 and 2006 

The initiative has so far included the following schemes:

• Staff parking charges increased in line with other city centre and local NHS car parks (launched on 1 August, 2005)
• New patient and visitor charges  (launched on 5 September 2005)
Patient and visitor only parking bays at the District Hospital
• Penalty charge notices issued where cars are parked illegally (launched on 1 September 2005)
• A free staff bus service between Edith Cavell Hospital and the District Hospital supported by Stagecoach
• A subsidised weekly ‘megarider’ (city-wide) bus ticket for staff to travel to and from work, subsidised by Stagecoach and the Trust
• Car sharing among members of hospital staff

The Trust's Travel Plan can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the following links.

Pages 1-5 - Pages 6-10 - Annex 1Annex 2 - Annex 3 - Contacts & Information

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