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Sat Jul 21 2007

Governor Profile

The Board of Governors works with the Board of Directors to ensure the NHS Foundation Trust runs the hospitals appropriately for the needs of the communities of Peterborough and Stamford.  The Board of Governors is made up of representatives from the general public, trust staff and other key partners of the Trust.  You need to be a public member to stand for election as a public governor.

The Board of Governors are responsible for:

  • representing the interests of members and partnership organisations
  • appointing and removing non-executive directors (including the chairman) and the Trust's auditor.
  • taking a view on the Board of Director's forward plans
  • receiving copies of the annual accounts, auditor's reports and annual reports
  • informing the Independent Regulator of any concerns about the Board of Director's performance
  • calling meetings of members

The Board of Governors consist of:

  • Fourteen public governors
  • Six staff governors
  • Two primary care trust governors
  • One local authority governor
  • Three other partnership governors
  • Up to three advisors

 Public Governors

Moira Beattie, OBE

Moira is a retired nurse who worked in the NHS for 42 years, spending the last 12 managing Macmillan nurses and cancer care.  She has excellent listening skills, empathy and a knowledge of local hospitals and some of the needs patients and families have.  Moira is a member of the local Macmillan fundraising committee and a shopmobility scheme volunteer.

     Moira Beattie

Ken Craig

Ken lives in Peterborough, but spent his early years in Stamford where he went to school.  Aged 37 he is a partner in a local accountancy firm heading the specialist team advising medical practitioners.

He is also a trustee of the Cambs association of youth clubs, treasurer of Barnardo's business support group and chairman of his local resident's association.

Ken offers a financial and commercial view.  As a married with two young children he has a particular interest in the quality of healthcare the NHS can offer in the 21st century.

  Ken Craig

Arthur Critchley

Arthur supports the NHS family and its core principle of free healthcare based on need, not ability to pay.  He has a relevant and current perspective on modern NHS patient care following treatment as an emergency inpatient at the district hospital in 2003.

His wife is a senior radiographer with over 30 years service and his son a NHS hospital doctor who both provide him with a good insight.  His understanding of the NHS has improved in recent years through his work interviewing and assessing NHS senior management.  Arthur offers balanced representation and sound communication.

   Arthur Critchely

Mehboobs Datoo

Meb has worked in the NHS for a number of years both within the hospital and primary care settings.

This has provided Meb with a clear insight into the workings of the health care delivery system and as a result he is keen to promote a robust, open, transparent and fair approach to dealing with local health issues.

 Mehboobs Datoo

George Dickens

George has spent 40 years working for The Salvation Army, working mainly in financial administration which included being secretary/manager of their multi-million pound pension funds which had wide ranging duties such as organising trustee meetings and monitoring investments.

As well as personal knowledge of the hospital from visiting and through family who were members of staff, George is keen to make sure that the Trust continues to grow in its abilities to deliver services and the success of the proposed new building programme. 

 Public Governor

Sarah Dixon

Sarah is headmistress of Peterborough High School (PHS) which actively seeks ways to benefit the wider community.  Like the trust, PHS is a local organisation involved in delivering the best possible service to those it serves; it also provides outstanding quality while being mindful of budgetary discipline.

Pupils have undertaken voluntary work at the hospital and Sarah always visits staff and patients who become patients which has enabled her to observe the sterling efforts of those on the 'frontline'.

Sarah brings a passion for work done well in order to benefit patients and staff; experience of successful leadership and management and an appreciation of the dual importance of both accountability and support in achieving and maintaining success.

      Sarah Dixon

Dennis Guttman

Dennis was a consultant physician at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals from 1969 to 1994.  He represented medical staff on the district and regional health authorities and was a consultant member of the planning and commissioning teams for the Edith Cavell Hospital development.  He was an active participant in the vocational training scheme for general practice and in the postgraduate education of junior hospital doctors, and lectured to student nurses.  As well as experience of committee work he gained an extensive insight into the planning, management, administration and day to day running of the NHS in this area.

 Dennis Guttmann

Susan Mahmoud

Susan worked in the NHS for 18 years, has been a patient and is the local chair of Macmillan Cancer Relief.  She is also the chair of the Friends of Peterborough Hospitals and belongs to the patient and public involvement forum of the trust



      public governor

Peter Morrison

Peter has recently retired from 36 years in industry, 32 of which were spent in Peterborough working for Perkins.  With expertise in senior financial management including strategic and business planning, risk management and audit, Peter's experience in local industry will be a useful benchmark for the Trust's own processes and procedures.

Peter is also a member of the Trust's Readers Panel and has a keen interest in helping the Trust improve our communications with the local community.

 public governor

Maria Stafford

Maria is an experienced non-executive director, governor of Peterborough regional colleague and chairman of home-start SW-links.  She has a solid appreciation of governance and public accountability in large, complex, public sector organisations; and has worked extensively in organisations undergoing significant cultural and organisational change.

Maria has been a local resident for 15 years and is appreciative of the NHS' challenges as she is carer for an elderly relative and through her professional connections.

public governor

Sandra Woodhouse

Sandra has a passionate interest in our hospitals and their need to serve the local community not only for the present, but for future generations to come.  Sandra was active as a volunteer in the community as an assessor of nursing, residential and childrens homes in Lincolnshire, and is at present treasurer to Stamford Town Scouts.  Sandra a former nurse working within the hospitals for a period of nine years has first hand experience of services as a patient.

 pulbic governor

Ken Wright

Ken retired from the RAF and settled in Bretton, Peterborough in 1974.  He is the Bretton doctors and patients association representative on the Trust's public and patient involvement group, and a member of the Trust's booking steering group.  He has been involved in undertaking patient surveys and in viewing and amending standard letters and advice leaflets for structure and clarity.

  Ken Wright

Staff Governors                                                                  Top of page

Angela Broekhuizen

Angela was the lead nurse in our A&E department for more than three years, and for the last five years has been the project clinician for the Greater Peterborough Health Investment Plan, leading the health planning and the design of the new hospital with the aim of giving Peterborough the best possible health service.

Angela has a strong belief that the patient should be at the centre of what we do and the service we deliver with our staff being key to improving patients' experiences.

 staff governor

Sue Friend

Sue is the Trust's Head of Contracts, which entails working with Primary Care Trusts to secure income which funds the treatment of our patients.  This work involves daily contact with clinicians and support staff throughout our hospitals.

Sue has worked for 26 years in the local Peterborough health community, 12 years of which has been in a variety of administrative and management posts in the hospital, and has a strong personal commitment to both securing high quality services for all patients and to supporting staff to achieve high standards.

 staff governor

Roger Moshy

Roger is a consultant radiologist and has been at the trust since 1985 and has regularly represented the staff side fairly and successfully in a variety of roles eg caldicott guardian, staff survey group, and chair of the local negotiating committee.   He is a national improving working lives assessor which has enabled him to develop a close understanding of the needs of all staff regardless of their role.        

 staff governor  

Dan Anandan

Dan has worked at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals for 16 years, of which 12 years have been at Stamford as an associate specialist in surgery. 

He has been involved in the booked admission project whereby patients choose their date for surgery.

     Dan Anandan

Partner Governors

Air Commodore Evans                                 

RAF Ministry of Defence  
Mrs Heather Hanlon    Volunteers of Peterborough Hospitals and the Volunteers of Stamford Hospital
Cllr Diane Lamb Peterborough City Council
Mr Mike Lilliman Friends of Peterborough Hospitals and the Friends of Stamford Hospital
Angela BaileyPeterborough Primary Care Trust
Ellen SmithLincolnshire Primary Care Trust

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